Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese {Oil-free, Nut-Free, Low-Fat}


Back when I was a vegetarian, I would eat mac and cheese on a nearly daily basis. It was usually the kind that came in a box or sometimes frozen TV dinner style. After eating I would immediately begin to feel sleepy and even a little sick to my stomach- I loved mac and cheese so much that I denied and ignored my lactose intolerance, for years! 

If only someone had shown me this recipe, I would've never gone back. As with other healthy vegan mac and cheeses, this one doesn't taste exactly like cheese. If that's what you're looking for I'd recommend trying some Daiya vegan boxed mac and cheese which is filled with processed oils. It's unhealthy but so similar to real cheese that it's freaky. But I'm not here to give you any ideas on how to feel worse! This recipe will take care of that mac and cheese craving without bringing you down. 

I've adapted this recipe from Oh She Glows to make this lower in fat and free of oil. Up until now I had never made my own mac and cheese without a heavy high-fat cashew base and I was delighted to discover it can be done. After a few failed attempts, I've figured out how to remove the oil and maintain the richness of the sauce.