Romesco Sauce + My Favorite Ways to Use It!

Before I discovered romesco sauce, I hadn't explored many tomato-based sauces besides marinara, so my mind was blown when I learned of a tomato-based sauce that also had a cheesey creamy quality to it. Think of it as halfway between a classic marinara sauce and a creamy nut based vegan cheese sauce. It's wonderful over pasta and I've even used it in place of hollandaise sauce over a tofu benedict and it did not disappoint! 

I've been making this sauce almost every other week for the past few months, trying it on all sorts of recipes. This is a sauce that you can keep in the fridge a week and find endless uses for, simplifying your meal prep and reducing your time spent in the kitchen. 

Below is the romesco sauce recipe + my favorite ways to use it!

Romesco Sauce


Tofu Benedict

Pasta Romesco with Peas and Cherry Tomatoes 


Chickpea Potato Fritters


Potato Romesco Quesadillas

That's all the romesco recipes for today! I'm sure I'll be adding more here in the future. If you make this sauce I'd love to hear about your favorite ways to use it.