Samosa Potato & Pea Patties

My go to meal when I've run out of fresh produce the day before a grocery shopping trip usually involves some mix of potatoes and legumes. This time I decided to make potato patties with samosa spices and peas. 

I've made actual samosas a few times before and they are always such a fun snack, but rolling out the dough and constructing them is sometimes a long slow process. These patties provide the same classic samosa flavors in a fast to cook and easy to assemble package. 

The breadcrumbs give these a nice crunch on the outside while the inside is soft and flavorful. Tahini adds a richness to the potatoes so there's no need for any butter or processed oils. 

Make a big batch and store them in the fridge or freezer. They are perfect for bringing to work or school for a delicious and healthy addition to a packed lunch.