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I’ve been working on creating this recipe eBook for a while now and I’m so excited to finally be sharing it with you!

Wholesome Sides & Snacks mainly features snack recipes, but it also includes a variety of other recipes from wraps, to sandwiches, dips, side salads, and even burgers.

I’ve always loved snacking, but for a while I struggled to give up junk food and find ways to replace processed snacks with healthier options. Overtime, I gradually learned how to make my own whole food plant-based versions of my favorite snack foods and I’ve realized that snacking can still be enjoyable while also being nutrient-packed and completely plant-based.

Some of the recipes feature healthy alternatives to some of my favorite classic snack foods like cheese crackers and salt and vinegar potato chips, while other recipes embrace whole fresh produce paired with a variety of homemade dips & spreads.

Almost all of the recipes are brand new and have never been featured before on my blog. As always, none of these recipes contain refined oils, refined sugars, or heavily processed foods and many contain colorful, fresh ingredients.

Take a peek at the contents:


If you’ve been looking for healthy vegan snack ideas, this eBook has a variety of options to choose from. Many of the recipes are kid-friendly as well as fast and easy to make. Certain recipes will require a blender or food processor while others are more flexible.

All of the recipes contain nutritious whole food ingredients such as fresh fruit, raw veggies, nuts & seeds, beans, and whole grains, with most recipes being gluten-free or having gluten-free options.

Wholesome Sides & Snacks

Learn how to make whole food snacking more enjoyable with these simple vegan side and snack recipes. Wholesome Sides & Snacks is an eBook packed full of healthy yet delicious recipes made using mostly whole food ingredients. Completely vegan, oil-free, refined sugar-free, and with many gluten-free options as well!

Your purchase includes: A PDF download which contains 21 recipes, a grocery list with every ingredient used in the book, the basics of what a whole food plant based diet consists of, and a quick guide to choosing the healthiest nuts and seeds.

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If you decide to purchase a copy- thank you so much for supporting my work in continuing to create and share wholesome plant-based recipes. I hope that you love these snack recipes! ❤