Vanilla Overnight Oats with Hemp & Chia Seeds

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As the weather is warming up these days I've been finding myself craving colder food again, so for now I've ditched the hot breakfast grains and started opting for overnight oats.

Overnight oats are similar to oatmeal, but instead of heating the oats to soften them, they soften on their own through the process of soaking overnight in the fridge. When I first heard about this idea a few years ago, I didn't find it all that appealing- I mean who wants to eat soggy cold oatmeal? Out of curiosity I eventually tried it for myself and added in some hemp and chia seeds, and surprisingly it wasn't like eating soggy oatmeal at all. The texture was thick, creamy, and much more similar to a chia seed pudding than oatmeal. It's been one of my go-to breakfasts ever since!

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All you need is a mason jar or tupperware container with a lid, about 16 oz. size should be perfect. Mix together the rolled oats, hemp seeds, chia seeds, salt, vanilla, and cinnamon and give it a stir, then add in the plant milk. Close the jar and give it a good shake and let it sit overnight in the fridge, or for at least 4 hours. (The longer it sits the better, up to 24 hours.)

The next morning when you're ready for breakfast, add in some fresh berries or any chopped fruit you'd like. To make it even sweeter you can add a bit of maple syrup, or for a healthier, lower sugar option mix in a sliced or mashed banana. 

Overnight oats doesn't have to be limited to breakfast food. Sometimes I make a batch in the morning so I can let it soak all day and have "overnight" oats for dessert. It also makes a great portable meal to take on the go or to eat while traveling. 

While there are several variations and flavors you could add to change it up, I usually keep things simple, so for now here's my easiest, most basic overnight oats recipe. Enjoy!

The Fluffiest Vegan Pancakes + Strawberry Shortcake Topping [Oil-Free, Low-Fat, Refined Sugar-Free]


These are by far the best pancakes I've made yet. Light and extra fluffy thanks to the magical bean liquid that is chickpea brine, AKA: aquafaba. Aquafaba can be whipped to form meringues and other vegan treats that would normally need whipped egg whites to be so fluffy. In this recipe they make the texture of the pancakes much more traditional like the pancakes I remember eating growing up, minus the butter, oil, and refined sugar. 

To get aquafaba, the next time you open a can of low-sodium chickpeas, save the brine in a jar for later use.

The strawberry coconut yogurt sauce topping is so delicious and naturally sweet that I barely used any maple syrup in the recipe. While whole wheat flour is not an ideal healthy whole food (whole wheat in flour form is absorbed more quickly into the body than intact grains like cracked wheat or whole wheat farina), but this dish makes a great treat for breakfast on the weekends, and because it's low-fat and oil-free you'll still feel amazing after.