Rainbow Hummus Wrap [Vegan, Oil-Free]

This rainbow hummus wrap is super healthy and so easy to make! I've been working on including more raw veggies in my meals lately and this has been one of my favorite ways to get them in.

You could definitely make this with a store bought hummus to save time, but they tend to contain a lot of oil so I like to make my own. I personally try to avoid oil in my own at home cooking. Plus, it's just not necessary in hummus. This homemade hummus is creamy and delicious enough on it's own. 

I had the idea to try and make a lightly spicy almost cheese-like pimento hummus. I usually make hummus with roasted red pepper, but this didn't seem too far off, and it turned out to be a wonderful (and slightly faster) alternative to roasting red peppers.

Pimentos are those little red things they stuff into green olives. As a kid I used to love green olives, but I hated pimentos so I would always pick them out, but as an adult I can fully appreciate the tangy taste they add to spreads and sauces. You can find pimentos at almost any grocery store in little glass jars near where the jarred olives and peppers are. 

I hope you enjoy the recipe! If you do, leave a comment down below and let me know how it turned out. 

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Cheezy Potato Quesadillas [Vegan, Oil-Free]


These potato quesadillas are exactly the healthy quesadilla replacement I've been searching for all these years since giving up the cow cheese. They are deceptively cheezy, and would make a great replacement for cheese lovers looking to make healthier food choices. The potatoes are boiled and then mashed with a rich hollandaise sauce made from cashews that is easily whipped up in the blender. 

This is another quick recipe that takes only 20 minutes! All you have to do is chop and boil potatoes, blend up a sauce, and mash the sauce into the potatoes and you have your quesadilla spread ready to go! Spread the mixture between two small tortillas (or a big tortilla folded in half) and bake for 10 minutes until lightly crispy. 

Potato quesadillas are the perfect addition to packed lunches as they store well tupperware containers and can be enjoyed warm or cold. 

I like to enjoy them with either vegan sour cream or hot sauce, but these would also go really well with salsa or other tomato based sauces. 

If you make these I'd love to hear what you think. Leave a comment down below if you try it out!